Pelatro Plc provides precision marketing software for use in B2C applications, with a current focus on providing software to telecommunications companies to provide contextualised, relevant and personalised solution. Incorporated in early 2017, Pelatro Plc acts as a holding company for the Group. It is headquartered in the UK with subsidiaries in the US and Singapore and with a development partner in Bangalore, India.

Pelatro’s precision marketing solution, mViva, uses Big Data analytics to study large, diverse and increasing end users’ data to reveal patterns, trends, association and key behavioural traits. This information is then put to effective use by channelling relevant offers to each customer using a variety of channels such as SMS, email and apps.

The directors believe that Telcos face a growing number of challenges; their products and services have become increasingly commoditised and thus differentiation is becoming more of a realistic challenge. Pelatro aims to help its customers by helping deliver increased Average Revenue Per User (ARPU), increased customer retention and an increased share of spend by each customer.

Pelatro Plc (“the Company”) was admitted to trading on AIM on 19th December 2017. The Company is incorporated in England (registered number 10630166). As an AIM traded UK registered company, Pelatro Plc is subject to the UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers legislation.

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Registered Office: 49, Queen Victoria Street, London EC4N 4SA
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