PELATRO, Strategic Partner for TelcosPELATRO, Strategic Partner for Telcos

Marketing today, is all about being relevant.

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A marketing solution by Pelatro that helps achieve precision marketing. It is a smart marketing platform that helps you understand and analyse your market better.

Precision Marketing

Our solution helps identify customers with similar needs and segments them to help you build the most appropriate offer for any given segment of customers.

Proven Results

Over time, our marketing solutions have proven to yield better returns for marketers. When you know your customers and what they want, better results naturally follow!

A Smart Marketing PlatformA Smart Marketing Platform

Analyse. Design. Execute. Excel!

Pelatro helps you filter relevant information from the data.

Telecom majors from the Americas, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia rely on us to design their marketing campaigns. Our precision marketing solution analyses customer behavior and customizes promotions. It collects all the relevant data from different points in the network about the activities of each customer. The Solution then applies intelligent algorithms to analyse this data and identifies patterns and context of each customer. Based on the analysis, relevant offers are made to the customers.

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Individual Customer AnalysisIndividual Customer Analysis

Consolidated overview of customer activities.
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Precision Marketing is what you needPrecision Marketing is what you need

Targeted and Effective.

Individualized Campaigns

We target our campaigns at each individual customer i.e. Segment of One or N=1. The offer contained in each campaign is tailor made to suit the demonstrated behaviour of the respective customer. This means every customer in the network gets a unique offer based on his or her behaviour.
Real Time Campaign

Real Time Campaigns

We understand that in marketing, timing is of the essence. Creating and running real-time campaigns, based on various factors including real-time triggers, allows the marketer to ensure that the campaign is most effective and contextual. The solution also allows you to modify campaigns when needed for an optimum result.
Closed Loop Solution

Closed Loop Solution

Our focus is to solve the use of Precision Marketing in an end-to- end, comprehensive manner. Solution supports various activities like data analysis, campaign design, campaign configuration, campaign execution, reporting, effectiveness analysis and feedback. This empower marketers and achieve quick results.


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Smart Marketing Platform designed for marketers to make an informed decision with contextual data to increase ARPU and reduce churn.