Customer Centricity is our focus

Customer Centricity brings together Customer Lifecycle, Customer Experience and Customer Value

How It All BeganHow It All Began

Our Story.

The telecommunications industry is at an inflection point. The outlook is bright and opportunities have never been more exciting. With our deep knowledge of the domain, we understand that each of your customers have different preferences. A one-size-fits-all solution will not work. That is why we have developed a precision marketing solution that is flexible and agile enough to meet your dynamic requirements and to help you understand each customer better. By leveraging the power of data, we will help you offer tailor-made promotions to every individual or segment.


Success comes with Active Thinking and Strong Leadership.

From developing innovative solutions for marketers, to leading the industry in problem solving, we have created a distinct identity for ourselves in the telecom space. Our success over the years comes from a desire to solve persistent problems and coming up with sustainable, yet innovative solutions. At Pelatro, we believe strong leadership builds trust and stability. Even today, we strive to achieve higher levels of excellence to win customer and client trust alike.

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Our strength revolves around expertise

Smart Marketing Platform designed for marketers to make an informed decision with contextual data to increase ARPU and reduce churn