Customer Value Exchange

The solution enables real-time points earning based on usage or spend at flexible conversion rates, that can vary per tier or level. The platform can also maintain multiple wallets and points type per customer.


Out of the box loyalty API enable easy integration to multiple channels. The loyalty solution ensures that customer experience is unified and seamless across multiple channels and touchpoints.

Loyalty in the Community

The solution enables “Sharing” of points and “Gifting” of rewards to strengthen loyalty and engagement within calling circles.

Points as Cash

Pay with point at the Cashier: The solution enables your customers to use points as cash in 3rd party outlets. Items which can be bought are not limited to a catalogue, but rather any item for sale from a partner merchant. The bill can be paid by points in full or partial.

Loyalty Campaigns

Create personalized and engaging experiences to specific customers to encourage redemption and participation in your loyalty program. Campaigning is an effective way to increase the number of loyalty transactions and increase retention.

Loyalty as a Service

Create a new revenue stream in B2B with Loyalty-as-a-Service. Using the same platform as consumer, telcos can onboard enterprises and SMEs who can utilize the same platform to roll-out their own loyalty programs.


Enable a group of B2B customers with smaller customer base or transactions to create and maintain a unified loyalty points wallet and rewards catalogue. Coalition is one of the growing trends in loyalty programs.