Automated Campaigns

Set custom campaign configurations based on a schedule or based on a trigger such as location. In a scheduled campaign, you can choose the date and time of execution of the campaign. In a location-based campaign, the offer may be sent when a customer who is part of the chosen micro-segment breaches a geo-fence.

Data Gathering and Normalization

Contextual Marketing Platform (CMP) forms the foundation for mViva Data Monetization Solution and is connected to various systems within an operator to gather relevant information such as xDRs, recharge records etc. This data is collected in real-time and then normalized into internal formats used by the CMP.

Comprehensive Reporting

The solution is supported with extensive reporting, which includes integration with the partner settlement system. Various reports including campaign dispatch details, cost etc. can be generated on request.


Various dimensions present in the subscriber profile can be combined to form micro-segments. Marketers from various partner enterprises can form the micro-segments themselves from their log-in portal. They will also be provided with information such as subscriber count within each micro-segment.