Multi-dimensional Profile

It is important to understand the behaviour of each individual customer in great detail and so, we have built a multi-dimensional profile for each customer based on information gathered from transactional and demographic data.

Individualized Campaigns

Execute targeted individual campaigns i.e. Segment of One or N=1. Offers are tailor made to suit the behaviour of the customer. This means every customer in the network gets a unique offer based on behaviour.

Real Time Campaigns

We understand that in marketing, timing is of the essence. Creating and running real-time campaigns, based on real-time triggers, allows the marketer to ensure that the campaign is most effective and contextual.

Machine-learning & Analysis

Our solution utilises a host of machine-learning algorithms and statistical analysis to provide a wealth of data and actionable information about the customer base. The analytical activities throughout the product garner best benefits and aid decision making.

Closed Loop Solution

The solution supports activities like data analysis, campaign design, campaign configuration, campaign execution, reporting, effectiveness analysis and feedback in a comprehensive manner. It empower marketers and achieve quick results.

Lifecycle Management

Manages customer journey across various lifecycle stages and ensures optimum results from customer engagement. We help marketers track customers across various stages in the lifecycle and come up with appropriate actions to manage the journey.

Big Data

We use Big Data technologies that enable analysis of large, diverse and ever increasing customer data to reveal patterns, trends, associations and key behavioral traits and put them to effective use by channelizing the right offer to the right customer at the right time. mViva leverages HBase, a distributed, scalable big data store backed by class leading Hadoop map reduce framework with robust HDFS as the data storage layer.

Multi-Channel Communications

Seamless support across multiple channels is a key requirement for customers. We provide support across various channels that may be used for contacting the customer. Integration is provided through APIs and can be managed quite easily.

Ease of Use

The smooth User Interface ensures that you, as a Marketer, do not have to depend on anyone else to use this tool. Once you start analysing the segment, just with a click of a button, you will be able to set campaigns and track reports. Hence, a time saver!