How Pelatro Helps Avoid Customer Migration

How To Avoid Customer Churn

Customer retention is the primary objective of any business. Especially, when it comes to the telecom companies where the competition is a neck-and-neck race and the cost of migration is low, the success of the business is measured in terms of customer loyalty.  

A recent survey states that the annual churn rates for telecommunications companies average between 10 percent and 67 percent. As mentioned in our blog, How Big Data Analytics Can Enhance Customer Experience, customers expect a personalized experience, maximum benefits out of minimum costs and innovative offerings from their telecom operators. With the churn rate being so high and also unavoidable, telcos are now turning towards advanced technologies which can enable them to provide customer-centric services.

Pelatro’s mViva – a smart marketing solution for telecom operators, is developed with the primary objective of providing a solution for the telecom industry to offer customer-centric services. Pelatro understands that each customer is unique and in order to provide value to each of them, a one-size-fits-all approach may not work well. Consumers like to be felt special, and when the offers or services are on an exclusive basis, they continue to remain loyal to their operators.

How You Can Improve Customers Retention

Pelatro provides you with a solution that is specifically developed to help you to provide customer-centric services to earn their trust and loyalty.  

  • With mViva’s advanced features, the telcos can generate a detailed profile for each subscriber by collecting all the available data from different kind of data sources within the telco’s operation.
  • From the data generated, mViva lets you run personalized and relevant campaigns to each individual subscriber, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.
  • mViva also lets you improve the efficacy of the campaigns through machine learning and also lets you track responses.
  • mViva automatically tracks the event and sends out offers to customers and also based on the customer action taken, it does the next steps like sending reminders/sending another offer after x days/hours.
  • mViva sends out automated scheduled offer reminders to each customer.
  • mViva can be integrated with Loyalty Management Platform which triggers rewards based on customer’s usage or CLV(Customer Lifetime Value) matrix.

How Pelatro’s solution is different from other marketing solutions

  • Pelatro is technologically superior and an advanced solution.  It utilizes a host of machine-learning algorithms, advanced big data technologies to provide a wealth of data and actionable information about the customer base.
  • Pelatro focuses on each and every aspects of revenue and churn which helps telcos to obtain a 360-degree view of each customer in real time and engage with each customer across both tradition and digital campaigns.
  • Although a wide platform that exerts advanced and unique technologies, Pelatro provides a flexible solution, which enables the telcos to use it in ease.

Customer retention has a direct impact on the revenue of the company, which can be achieved only by a clear understanding of customer behavior and proper campaign management system . Considering every customer to be different and respecting the individual needs can help the companies to earn their loyalty. A highly satisfied customer is likely to bring in a greater CLV, and Pelatro provides good telecom solutions to enable them to create a longer and healthier relationship with their customers. 

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