An end-to-end use case

Precision Marketing techniques to garner the mindshare of subscribers and increase revenue

Our Precision Marketing SolutionOur Precision Marketing Solution


With the help of intelligent algorithms, we provide deep insights on behaviours of each customer. Our two-pronged precision marketing strategy is based on increasing the lifetime value of a customer and reducing churn of existing customers. The platform can work with post-paid and prepaid customers for all types of communication service providers and it is an end-to-end solution which addresses the use case comprehensively.

The solution does not require complicated expertise and is designed to give you, a marketer, first-hand insight into the world of big data analytics. The user interface is easy to use, intuitive and empowers the marketer to take actions, without the need of any support from technical teams.

Analytics is used to create segments at micro-level
Analysis of number of subscribers on the network
Targeted Campaigning(N=1) with customized promotions
Real time reporting of end-to-end campaign management

Pelatro helps telecom companies be more relevant to their consumers. We help you understand your customer’s requirements at an individual level.

Each consumer is unique, and so are their requirements. At Pelatro, we understand that a One-size-fits all approach may not work with your consumers. No matter what the market is, consumers have different needs and desires. As a marketer, you need to listen to each customer’s requirements more closely. Through big data analytics, Pelatro provides insights into consumers’ buying behaviour. As a marketer, this information is invaluable.




Ease of Use

Smart Marketing Platform designed for marketers to make an informed decision with contextual data to increase ARPU and reduce churn.